There is Life in Old Maryland Yet


There Is Life In Old Maryland Yet.

Again a smothered voice speaks out,
In accents bold and strong;
How could the South our fealty doubt,
Why make us wait thus long?
We battled nobly in her cause,
Unarmed we braved the bayonet,
And still though outraged be our laws;
There’s life in Old Maryland yet!

There’s hope though it secretly hides
Deep in each Southern heart,
Firm and true it there abides
Safe from the Northern dart;
Where there’s hope—there is life,
Nor can Yankees forget,
That for actions and strife
There’s life in Old Maryland yet!

There’s faith though it lurks unseen
“By their vile polluting horde”
We feel that free we once have been,
And we own no Northern lord.
Their numbers bind us in the dust,
For well they know that debt
Which they at last shall pay and must,
For there’s life in Old Mary land yet!

This life is felt and still doth burn
In each far—off prison cell;
To Lafayette or Warren turn,
They both our legend tell.
Though we cower still, they soon will find
That we’ll redeem our threat,
For those the base slaves dared to bind,
While there’s life in Old Maryland yet.

This life blazed forth with lustre grand
Upon Manassas’ gory field;
Where nobly battling hand to hand
Our Old line made the Yankees yield.
Then hasten the avenging day,
And when our foes are met,
Each Southron from his heart shall say,
There’s life in Old Maryland yet!

This life still breathes, and up will spring,
When we can once more rise;
Then like an eagle on the wing,
’Twill pierce the very skies!
Remember! think! consider well,
’Twill save the South regret,
To know that ’tis truth we tell,
There’s life in Old Maryland yet!

That life which smoulders now, will rise.
With a steady upward ray,
When the “Stars and Bars” shall flaunt these skies,
O’er the South’s triumphant way.
We still strain wildly at our chains,
Nor can we e’er forget,
Wherein our greatest hope remains---
“There is life in Old Maryland yet!

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