There's "No Body" Hurt!!



There lives a man at Washington,
A narrow-minded squirt,
Who’s wont to cry from day to day,
Oh, la! there’s “nobody hurt.”

This fellow’s conceit is very great,
With girls he love’s to flirt,
He insults them all, and deceives the men,
And yet there’s “nobody hurt.”

He stands very high in his tory shoes,
That is—when filled with dirt;
The dirt remains, and he exclaims
Oh, dear! there’s “nobody hurt.”

A Hessian of the lowest grade,
At railing he’s very expert,
He smiles at the mischief he has made,
And says there’s “nobody hurt.”

The day will come, when from his heart
Will be scraped the political dirt,
And all that have acted their hellish part,
Will find that “somebody’s hurt.”

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