13th Penn'a Cavalry at Fayetteville, N.C.


J. H. Johnson, printer, No. 7 North Tenth St., Philada.

13th Penn’a Cavalry at Fayettville, N. C.

It was on the Monday morning in the year of 1865,
The Thirteenth Penn at Wilmington arrived,
In the State of North Carolina they were bound to prove true,
And on the enemy’s Capital they raised the Red, White and Blue.

So give me your attention to what I’m going to say,
And I’ll tell you what the boys done from Pennsylvania.
Those that joined the Thirteenth will always have it to say,
That when they met the enemy they never run away.

As we started from Wilmington our horses being well packed,
Says Gen. Johnson to his men, “The Yanks are on our track!”
The cry was “Onward! forward! boys, “for now they know we’re here,
But very well they knew we were the boys that had no fear.

For we had often fought them on Virginia soil before,
And every time we fought them it encouraged us the more.
The last place that we fought them there it was at Hatcher’s run,
And that’s the time we charged them and drove them from their gun.

The second time we charged them we seized their battle-flag,
“Oh!” says the boys, “well have it if it’s nothing but a rag,”
So onward we charged them, shot their color bearer down,
And one of our gallant boys carried the colors from the ground.

Now as we were marching through the North Carolina sand,
It was in that State we joined Kilpatrick’s command,
As a brave and noble officer has always proven such,
“It’s on, “ he cried, “for Raleigh, boys.” which pleased us every much.

So onward through the swamps we marched our thirty miles a day,
And the obstructions on the road caused us but little delay,
The Pioneers were sent out to clear the roads ahead,
And all the boys were satisfied, being well supplied with lead.

On the road a marching along we heard the glorious news,
Of Gen, Lee’s surrender, and the boys were all amused;
Cheer after cheer went all along the line,
It’s hurry on my gallant boys, and do not lose no time

The next day, it being the Thirteenth’s turn to go on the advance,
“Its push along” our Colonel cries, “this is our only chance,
And if the enemy shows us fight me must not lose our fame,
for many a hard battle we have fought in order to gain our name.

So its onward into the town the Thirteenth marched so gay,
And on the rebel capital our flag we did display,
Cheer after cheer went up as its folds they were unfurled,
Oh, there she waved, the Stars and Stripes, the conqueror of the world.

Now then this being done, we marched straight on through the town,
We’d gone about a mile or so when the enemy we found;
Now then boys we’ll charge them, our gallant Colonel cried,
And suiting the action to the word, we charged them side by side.

The very first volley we fired, we seen they would not stand.
And it was whispered in their ranks that’s some of Sheridan’s command,
The Thirteenth Penn. is leading them on the advance,
And while the Thirteenth leading them, we stand a mighty poor chance.

Here’s success to Colonel Kerwin, likewise our officers too,
If you but count our engagements, they will number thirty-two,
I have not time to mention them all, it would make my story too long,
So in order to cut my story short, I now must end my song.

Now, then, boys, your duty is done, and you’ll always have it to say,
Either at home or abroad, you raised your flag so gay,
And on the enemy’s capitol its folds you did unfurl,
And there once more let wave to the breeze the conqueror of the world.

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