To the Ladies of Carlisle


To the Ladies of Carlisle.

Pennsylvania has responded nobly to our country’s call,
Merchants, farmers. and mechanics have enlisted, one and all,
Children, who have seen their fathers long since lain beneath the sod,
Have gone and left their mothers. trusting to their country’s aid and God,
knowing that God in his might would watch over the right,
While her sons buckled on the armor to fight.

Now we are returning once more to our homes
From the banks of the Potomac. where Washington’s bones
Lay mouldering beneath the green cypress trees,
Where the banners of secession are thrown to the breeze;
A thing of disgust, whose glittering cause is unjust.
Be scorned as a banner whose cause is unjust.

Returning again from the battle’s fierce storm,
We have formed many friendships that will ever be warm,
And the brightest will be the welcoming smile
That greeted our return by the ladies of Carlisle;
God bless and provide for those that would divide
Their mites with soldiers whose hearts have been tried.

Our hearts have been lightened, our minds placed at ease,
By ladies who have striven by every art to please,
The weary hearted soldier returning to his home once more,
With no longer the ambition which him ’mid the battle bore;
But his heart swells with pride, for the ladies on the side
Of the soldiers of the Union, who would have for the eagle died.

May God bless you and watch over, and the horrors of a war,
From your peaceful habitations be ever kept afar,
May your sons who have gone to battle for their country in the field,
Know that God is watching over where his loved mother kneels,
Supplicating on her bended knee for God to watch over thee,
And also for the protection of the army of the free.

May you fair maidens also, who have sent away your lovers
To battle for our country where the eagle proudly hovers,
Have the same to them extended while ’mid battle’s rude alarms,
And may they return in safety back again unto your arms;
When the eagle and the dove, with the stars and stripes above,
Shall see us again united in friendship, peace, and love.

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