To the Officers and Soldiers of the Fifth Ohio Cavalry


To the Officers and Soldiers of the Fifth Ohio Cavalry. BY

Go! armed in the might of a holy cause,
And fight for our country’s righteous laws,
Go forth with a purpose tern and high,
To do brave deeds when the foe is nigh—
But trust not your sinewy arm alone,
Not by mortal power is the victory won.
From Him who ruleth in earth and Heaven,
May strength according to need be given.—
Go then and with valorous deeds defend
Our starry flag, which the foe would rend.
And when duty calls let your motto be,
“For Home and our Country’s Liberty!”
Tears will be shed by the loved ones you leave,
And agonized sighs will their bosoms heave,
But not from their lips will you hear the word “stay,”
They give you to God and your Country, and pray,
When this conflict is over, for Truth and for Right,
With your flag unstained and your honor still bright,
You will come back in safety, and with smiles to make glad,
The hearts you are leaving so lonely and sad.

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