The Triumph of the Old Flag


W.R. SMITH, 135 North Eighth St., Philad.,Publisher, PRICE FOR PIANO, 30 CENTS.

The Triumph of the Old Flag or Our Flag O’er Richmond Waves Again. BY

Our Flag o’er Richmond’s fated walls,
In triumph waves again;
No star erased, no stripe effaced,
But free from blot or stain.
As floating on the gentle breeze,
With field of blue unfurl’d;
Its beaming stars with silv’ry light,
Show Vict’ry to the world

A nation’s gratitude is due;
To those who have regain’d;
The spot where Treason held her courts,
The spot where traitors reign’d.
Where madness seized upon mens minds,
And “Freedom’s glorious Flag,”
Was torn and trampled—and replaced,
By foul Secession’s rag.

Let heartfelt shouts express our joy,
Let cannons loudly boom;
And let them from their iron throats,
Speak forth Secession’s doom.
Fling to the breeze the “Dear old Flag,”
O’er land and over sea,
And let our motto e’er remain,
To “Death or Victory.”

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