Two Years Ago


Two Years Ago.

I was a glorious Wide-Awake,
All marching in a row;
And wore a shiny oil cloth cape,
About two years ago.
Our torches flared with turpentine,
And filled the streets with smoke;
And we were sure, whate’er might come;
Secession was a joke.

I said the South would never dare
To strike a single blow;
I thought that they were cowards then,
About two years ago.
And so I marched behind a raid,
Armed with a wedge and maul;
With honest Abe upon a flag,
A boatman gaunt and tall.

My work was good, my wages high,
And bread and coal were low;
The silver [jungled?] in my purse
About two years ago.
In peace my wife and children dwelt,
Happy the live-long day;
And war was but the fearful curse
Of countries far away.

My wife sits pale and weeping now,
My children crying low;
I did not think to go to war
About two years ago.
And no one now will earn their food,
No one will be their shield;
God help them when [lie?] in death
Upon the bloody field!

One brother’s hones, half buried lie,
Near the Antietam’s flow;
He was a merry, happy lad
About two years ago.
And where the Chickahominy
Moves sluggish towards the sea,
Was left another’s wasted corpse—
I am the last of three

Just now I saw my torch and cape,
Which once made such a show;
They are not now what once they seemed,
About two years ago.
I thought I carried freedom’s light,
In that smoky, flaming band;
I’ve learned I bore dest;uction’s ‘torch”—
That wedge has split the land.

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