The Tyrant's Cap


The Tyrant’s Tap.

The galling chain has fettered now,
Our free and noble state;
But in our hearts we will not bow,
We will o’ermaster fate.
’Tis true our best and bravest,
The heroes that have sprung
From hero sires, are languishing
The prison bars among.

Or ’scaping from our jailors
Are fighting side by side,
With those who in the cause of right,
Die as our fathers died.
’Tis true we bravely struggled
But to be surelier bound,
A time will come to burst the chain,
A time with victory crowned.

They may think to make us loyal,
With bayonets and bars;
They may up—raise a Gester’s cap,
Made of the Stripes and Stars.
They’ll find the patriot’s spirit
Still lives among our hills,
The arrow may be hidden,
But we have iron wills.

And hearts that beat as brave and true,
And hands as firm and bold,
To speed the shafts for liberty
As in the days of old.

Yes, Maryland! Old Maryland!
No base born slave is she;
Not loud but deep her sons have vowed,
We will, we will be free!
Then give your hands ye Southren braves,
And give your hearts as well;
Hurrah! Hurrah!! for freedom
Shall be the tyrant’s knell.

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