The Union!


Printed by J.W. Du Bree, 1169 South 11th Street.

The Union!

Fellow soldiers, join the chorus,
Sing for Freedom and our Flag,
Rebel foes we’ll drive before us,
Davis, Lee and General Bragg.

Union Boys will ne’er surrender,
When their country calls them on,
Ties they’ll sever, loved and tender,
For the land of Washington.

Onward then with resolution,
Let this be your battle cry,
For our glorious Constitution,
We will fight, and do, or die.

Who of us would be a traitor,
Who would lift a trait’rous hand
Against that Flag which sooner or later,
Again will float o’er all our land.

Then with hearts that ne’er will falter,
Fight we will in Freedom’s cause,
Ever pray before God’s altar,
Bless us and maintain our laws.

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