The Union For Ever For Me!


R. DE. MARRAN, Publisher, Songs, Ballads, toy books, paper dolls, small playing cards, motto verses &c. 54 Chatham St. N.Y.

The Union For Ever for Me!

America! Gem of this wide, wide world!
Proud Nation! oh, still do I love thee!
May the Stars and the Stripes to the breeze be unfurl’d,
While the Eagle soars proudly above thee!
Kentucky! thou beautiful land of my birth!
To love thee has been my endeavor..
May the Stars ever shine on this beautiful Earth,
And cling to the Union for ever!

Thy sons are as brave as thy daughters are fair,
And as true as the Heavens above them..
May they cling to the Union, wherever they are,
While such beautiful girls live, and love them!
Could the dead arise from their graves, to-day,
And threaten this Union to sever……
No! Webster and, by the Eternal! OUR CLAY
Would thunder; THE UNION FOR EVER!

Should the Stars of the South cease to refuse their light,
Should they cease to refuse a Communion..
There’s One that would shine, both by day and by night:
’Tis Kentucky, the pride of the Union!
“United, we stand: divided, we fall.”
Forsake not your motto: no, never!
For, we’ll be the last, tho’ Disunion slay, all,
We’ll cling to the Union for ever!

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