The Union Soldiers Address to the Flag


The Union Soldiers Address

When freemens’ hearts, with one accord,
Are bound by Freedom’s claim,
Like torrents down the mountain gorge,
They sweep both hill and plain.
To guard the sire girds on the sword,
The boy becomes the man,
And mothers join with them the pledge
That bound men in Lang Syne.

That dear old flag amidst her folds,
We see the dawning day,
The red, the white, the Blue, those stars
They speak to us and say
Man’s heaven born rights may be assailed,
By brothers of our kind,
But heaven smiles while we defend
Our Union of Lang Syne.

Why will the traitors dare pull down,
Our Nation’s God given shield,
Why strike! with rebels hands that flag,
On bloody battle field.
Our Union is our Nation’s strength,
Makes noble deeds to shine;
Republics died but ours will live,
We have a loved Lang Syne.

Foes from abroad for gold or power,
May join with foes within,
Our Constitution based on truth,
Defy them all combined.
Our Union’s laws the rights of man,
From shore to shore will shine,
As brothers fall, we’ll fill the ranks,
And keep pure old Lang Syne.

God speed our army in the field,
Our navy on the sea,
With hearts of steel strong may they wield,
The blows that make men free.
To meet the foes, and drive them back,
And raise our flag enshrined,
O’er every State we swear ’twill float
In honor of Lang Syne.

God bless our noble President,
And Governors of our land,
Give strength to our brave officers,
Who lead our Union band.
Be kind to dear ones around our home,
Who will brave soldiers join,
When peace proclaimed our country rings
With joys of old Lang Syne.

Now comrades dear, with armor on,
Let’s not forget the prize,
That warmed the heart of Washington
Like him immortalize.
Our Nation’s honor sovereign rights,
With hearts and hands combined,
To raise aloft through seas of blood
Our flag of old Lang Syne.

And now amidst our cannon’s boom,
We raise our emblem high,
Long may she grace our Nation’s dome
The Godess of Liberty.
Our noble dead thy motto loved.
When dying did resign,
Immortal words unsullied keep
Our flag of old Lang Syne.

The loyal hearts who sleep in death
And those in ranks resigned,
The braves reward a world’s thanks
Will cause to be enshrined.
Your glorious battles fought and won,
Expands the scroll of fame,
Yes, children yet unborn will sing
Your brave deeds of old Lang Syne.

Heaven guard our Union, bless her sons,
With feelings all sublime,
Feelings of Christian, patriot, friend,
Companions of brave men.
Draw mother’s hearts by chords of love
Around the throne entwine,
Bless, bless, while we Redeem our flag,
Our flag of old Lang Syne.

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