The Union Soldier's Prayer



The Union Soldier’s Prayer.

Almighty God! eternal friend!
Before thy sacred throne we bend,
And ask in supplications low,
Thy blessing on our cause bestow.
Thy strength unto our host now send,
And wisdom to our councils lend,
Oh aid our country and its laws,
For thine and freedom’s sacred cause.

God of our fathers! hear they cry
Which now ascends to thee on high;
A bleeding nation calls on thee,
To shield the birthright of the free.
Unto thy great decrees we bow,
Thy strength alone can aid us now;
Hear our prayer, O Lord divine,
Be vict’ry ours and glory thine.

Oh! Lord of hosts, supreme in might!
Stretch forth thine arm, defend the right;
Hurl treason from its brazen throne,
Let truth and Justice reign alone.
As Israel pass’d through the sea
In safety, guided Lord by thee,
So lead us through the tide of war,
And thine be praise forevermore.

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    Still Image
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    McCully, H. V.
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    17.5 cm x 9.5 cm
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