The Union Volunteer


The Union Volunteer.

Come list to me one and all,
I will sing a song that’s new,
Made up in rhymes to suit the times,
And all of it is new.
It’s all about our gallant boys,
That will make the foe stand clear.
Then three cheers for General McClellan,
And his Union Volunteers.

Our country we are bound to save,
And keep for evermore,
And soon the Stars and Stripes shall wave,
O’er all our glorious shore.
The Stars and Stripes, our own true flag,
That we do prize so dear.
Then success to brave McClellan,
And his Union Volunteers.

Now we will give three cheers for McClellan,
And for our country too,
Likewise unto our Volunteers,
For they are all true blue.
They all are of a noble band,
And all prepared to fight,
They will all stand by the Stars and Stripes,
The flag they know is right.

Now my song is ended,
Let the world say what it will,
We will all stand by our country’s flag,
And for our conntry still.
And death unto the rebel band
That we catch boys both far and near.
Oh we will stick to General McClellan,
Like Union Volunteers.

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