Union War Lyrics


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Union War Lyrics.

Away, away, my best beloved! I would not have thee stay,
When Honor calls thee forth to tread her bright but dangerous way.
Away, away! I could not bear to think that love for me
One moment kept thee from the post where duty bids thee be.

Thou art marching to the battle-field, my beautiful. my brave!
And thy sister’s bursting heart forbodes that it will be thy grave.
Yet go, unfurl our house’s ancient banner to the wind,
And take with thee the tears and prayers of those thou leav’st behind.

Farewell to thee, my best beloved! we ne’er shall meet again,
Except it be when thou art stretched among the bloody slain.
Thy father’s shade will smile on thee, if thou should’st nobly die,
But proudly will he spurn thee, boy, if thy back is turned to fly!

Go, go! thy noble sire was brave! Go! emulate his fame!
Bethink thee that thy race hath borne an aye-unblemished name.
Still be that name upheld by thee: thou wear’st thy father’s sword,
Unsheath it now, and through the ranks give forth thy battle-word!

Farewell! and ere to-morrow’s dawn, when far away thou’lt be,
Full many and many an anxious vow shall rise to Heaven for thee.
O, could thy sister’s prayers defend, how strong would be thy shield!
The God of Battles thee protect! — Now forward to the field!

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