The Union!


The Union! Whole Hog, or None.

Come, listen all, you old and young, I’ve got a song that’s new,
Made up in rhymes to suit the times, and all of it is true,
It’s all about these times you must know, this year eighteen sixty-one,
Since men have turned the traitor now, against our Union.

The traitors now-a-days down South are kicking up a muss,
Lincoln gives them twenty days all for to stop their fuss,
But now these twenty days is up, and they won’t hold their tongue,
Now Lincoln he is bound to go the whole hog or none.

There’s old Jeff Davis in the South, he don’t know what to do,
He kinder thinks that he’s played out, and so do I or you,
He finds that he can’t come to tea with Scott or Anderson,
He’ll find the North is bound to be the whole hog or none.

Our father’s fought for Freedom, all for our native land,
We will protect it with our lives together heart and hand,
We will protect the Stars and Stripes as true Columbia’s sons,
We’ll have our Union right or wrong, the whole hog or none.

The Union we are bound to save and keep forever more,
And soon the Stars and Stripes shall wave on South Carolina’s shore,
The Stars and Stripes our own true flag, we’ll have no other one,
We’ll go as Washington always went, the whole hog, or none.

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