Up With the Red, White and Blue


Up with the Red, White and Blue.

My friends, will you all have compassion,
And join in opinion with me,
Let us put down all tyranny,
And respect our free country.

Those infernal Southern Slave breeders,
Have no kind of religion at all,
They find they can make themselves rich,
By poor human beings downfall.

Obtaining their labor for nothing,
This I presume for to say,
Except some old clothing from the gentlemen,
And the very worst of diet each day.

On Sunday, when they should be praying,
Their prayers is a shame for to tell,
They pray that they may get from the slave,
An extra bundle of cotton for to sell.

They sell the mother from the children,
Or the father, as their fancy may do,
And sell them like bullocks in the market,
Leaving the children in grief, trouble and woe.

The brave patriot, Daniel O’Connell,
That manly gentleman of fame,
Was the first to put down slavery,
And the dictates of God to maintain.

Now we want to have our revenge,
In this I have no doubt at all,
And you’ll find when the battle is over,
That there’ll be no Slavery at all.

Good people now join in the prayer,
And let that prayer from good hearts be,
That Slavery now be abolished,
Forever from the land of the free.

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