Vacant Chair


JOHNSON, Song Publisher, No. 7, N. 10th St., Phila.

Vacant Chair.

We shall meet, but we shall miss him,
There will be one vacant chair;
We shall linger to caress him
While we breathe our evening prayer.
When a year ago we gathered,
Joy was in his bright blue eye,
But a golden cord is severed,
And our hopes in ruin lie.

At our fire side, sad and lonely,
Often will the bosom swell,
At remembrance of the story,
How our noble Willie fell;
How he strove to bear our banner
Through ’the thickest of the fight
And upheld our country’s banner
In the strength of mankind’s might.

True, they tell us wreaths of glory
Evermore will deck his brow,
But this soothes the anguish only
Weeping o’er our heart-strings now.
Sleep to-day, O early fallen,
In the green and narrow bed,
Dirges of the pine and cypress
Mingle with the tears we shed.

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