H. DE MARSAN, Publisher, 54 Chatham str. New-York.


Now, kind folks, your attention, come, listen, one and all;
About the great Rebellion I’m bound to tell you all;
You’re welcome for to hear it, if you will only stay,
And listen to the history of Vir-gin-a.

The first great battle of the war was the battle of Bull-Run,
It was fought July the twenty-first, in eighteen-sixty-one,
And, after desperate fighting, our boys had to give way,
Back to Alexandria in Vir-gin-a.

The next misfortune happened us, it was at Balls-Bluff,
Where that rascal, Gen. Stone, betrayed us, sure enough;
With fearful odds against us, we fought the bloody fray,
And each man, there, had done his part in Vir-gin-a.

But then the tide was turned, and we should look back:
The victory, at Fort-Donelson, the Rebels did not smack:
And, then there, Roanoke Island was captured right away,
Which drove the Rebels further into Vir-gin-a.

The next was at Winchester, where the gallant Gen. Shields
Made that Rebel leader, Stone-wall Jackson, for to fell
That he was in Command there and bound to have his way,
And that’s where Jackson first got licked in Vir-gin-a.

And then, on the Peninsula, McClellan he did go,
And if he had got men enough, he’d prove their overth row,
But he did not have men enough, I’m sorry for to say,
Or he would drive the Rebels out of Vir-gin-a.

The next great battle I was in, it was at Gaines-Hill,
Where many a hero, on each side, his precious blood did spill;
They came and took me prisoner, and marched me straight away
To that hole that they call Richmond, in Vir-gin-a.

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