The Volunteer


J. H. JOHNSON, Song Publisher, Stationer, and Printer, No. 7, N. 10th St., Phila.

The Volunteer.

Dearest Mother, I am going
To the battle field,
And unto the rebel chieftian,
We shall never yield;
In the Union ranks a soldier
Goes, your Willie dear,
God above will safely guard me,
Nothing shall I fear.

Gallant soldiers shall assemble,
At the signal drum;
They shall make the rebels tremble—
Soldiers, now I come:
Volunteers should all be ready,
When their country calls;
Dearest Mother do not mourn,
If your Willie falls.

If I fall, ’twill be for freedom,
And a glorious cause,
And will free those noble heroes,
From their prison walls:
Now farewell, I’m off for battle,
Down in Dixie’s land;
Where abound the cannon’s rattle,
Bravely we will stand.

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