War Song No 2 of the 69th Regimet



War Song No 2 of the 69th Regimet.

Come all, you Irish hayroes, where iver that you be
I pray yes, pay ’tintion and listen on to me.
Concerning of the prince of Wales when he landed on New-York shore,
The Sixty-Ninth wud not turn out, they had done nothing more.

Their Colonel was court-marshelled, as you may understand,
He was deemed a traitor to his adopted land,
He will show them, they’re Irishmen, he made them this reply:
’Tis for the stripes and stars, he willingly will die.

Curse on those bloody traitors and seceeders of the South;
If they knew what they were doing, they niver wud go out,
Out of this happy Union; but the Sixty-Ninth will let them know
That Erin’s sons, with swords and guns, will prove their overthrow.

An here’s a health to Father Mooney, and long may he live to see
Those gallant noble Irishmen fighting for liberty;
They marched against those rabble foes, as you may understand,
They will make them suffer some, or quit the southern land.

Now to conclude and finish, as I’ve no more to say:
May the Lord assist their arms, let every Christian pray,
So we know they’re done their duty, which no man can deny,
As brave as their ancestors on the plains of Fontenoy.

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