We Are For the Union



We are for the Union.

Our Flag and the Union! in the North is the cry,
Our Flag and our Union! and for it we’ll die;
We’ll let the South know the North don’t lag’
For plenty to defend our Country’s bright flag.

Our flag it shall wave o’er the land and the sea,
And the sons of the brave shall be happy and free;
We’ll be happy and free while our flag shall fly,
And by its bright stars we will couquer or die!

In memory of our fathers who are under the sod,
We’ll have but one Union, one flag and one God;
And our flag it shall be just the same as of old,
That was borne by the free and upheld by the bold.

Then our Union forever! Success to our tars,
And all brave defenders of the stripes and stars;
When our flag is before us, borne by hearts brave and true,
Success is sure to follow with the Red, White and Blue.

A. W. AUNER SONG PUBLISHER 110 N 10th St., ab Arch, Philadelphia.

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