Welcome, Brave Boy


A.W. AUNER, SONG PUBLISHER N. E. cor. 11th & Market Sts., Philadelphia, Pa.,

Welcome, Brave Boys. Richmond Falls: The War is O’er.

Richmond falls! the War is o’er!
Welcome home to part no more!
Ye who fought with dauntless soul,
Ye who marched to Glory’s goal!
Lee surrenders! welcome back!
Heroes of the Potomac!
Heroes of the gory James!
Sheridan, and Ord, and Ames!

Grant and Sherman, Meade and Hays,
Whom we grant the meed of praise,
And the brave of Shenandoah,
Welcome home! the war is o’er!
Homeward! with the cannon’s wheel,
Streaming flag and flashing steel,
Thundering drum and trilling fife!
Ye who saved the Nation’s life!

Heroes from Historic Lands!
Lined your path with proffered hands!
And fond eyes, like clustered stars,
Beaming on the Sons of Mars!
Orpheus’, Sons and Daughters stand,
Waiting Lyre and Lute in hand,
Proud to join in martial song,
With the brave returning throng!

For your Escort, minstrel Girls,
Crowned with flowers and graced with curls;
Beating time with hand and head,
pulsing heart and measured tread.
Strewed with flowers your line of march,
Spanned by the Triumphal arch,
Jewelled hands outreaching now,
Garlands for each Hero’s brow!

Each shall find as North he roams,
Open arms and open Homes!
And wherever sunlight darts,
Welcome smiles and grateful hearts
Hosts have fallen in their bloom,
Sleeping now in trench and tomb,
With their names and deeds enshrined,
In each Union Patriot’s mind!

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