Welcome Our Gallant 69th


H. DE MARSAN, Publisher, 54 Chatham Street New-York.

Welcome our Gallant 69th.

The Sixty-Ninth you all must say,
Went manfully to meet the fray:
At every charge see what they’ve done:
They lathered the Rebels at Bull-Run;
Though to retreat was the command,
The gallant Lads did nobly stand,
And, tho’ repulsed, each was a man,
Led by the gallant CORCORAN.

Then cheer the Sons of Ireland,
Take each one boldly by the hand,
Who nobly marched with sword and gun,
And fought the Rebels at Bull-Run;
Shout three times three for CORCORAN,
Who led the Gallant Spartan Band;
And may those noble men be seen
With stars and Stripes, the Harp and Green.

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