We'll Follow the Flag


We’ll Follow the Flag

O’er the land and over ocean
Far throughout the wide, wide, world
As the banner of our nation,
Are the Stars and Stripes unfurl’d.

As it waves so proudly o’er us,
How it cheers the heart and eye
With its honor’d folds before us,
Let us live and let us die.

‘Tis the flag that offers ever,
Freeman to the brave and true,
Freedom seek the strong protection
Of the Red, the White and Blue

For the Union as a nation
’Neath the Stars we rally all;
Ev’ry man whate’er his station
Still will follow tho’ he fall.

Whate’er Time or Fate betide us,
Stern and true our hearts shall be;
Time may try but not divide us,
Firm, united, brave and free.

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