We'll Keep Washington


We’ll Keep Washington

Come, arouse, ye noble freemen,
Shout your war cry o’er the land,
Seize your arms—go forth to battle,
Crush to earth this traitor band.

Jeff Davis swore he’d dine at Washington,
Upon the First of May, I’m told,
But we found ’twas naught but boasting,
And his dinner is getting cold.

Maryland traitors attacked our soldiers,
As they marched through Baltimore,
But the Massachusetts boys charged at them,
The traitor crew soon felt rather sore.

There’s James H. Stokes, who left Chicago,
And reached St. Louis with his brave band,
Surrounded by foes he emptied the arsenal,
And safe in Springfield his cargo did land.

The South they speak about their freedom,
As if they had no slaves on hand,
The Northern men alone are freemen,
And they alone should rule the land.

The cotton crew are raising an army,
Presuming to battle with Northern might,
But we’ll teach them a very sad lesson,
And the world shall judge who’s wrong or right.

Then here’s success to Abraham Lincoln,
Simon P. Cameron and Winfield Scott;
Davis &Co. had better go to Europe,
Or the climate of this country they’ll find too hot.

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    Zieber, John L.
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