Whack Row de Dow


H. DE MARSAN, Publisher, 54 Chatham Street, New-York.

Whack Row De DOW

Good people all, both great and small,
Come listen to my song,
If you’ve got a little time to spare,
I wont detain you long;
’Tis our Flag, our Nation’s brag,
Our Union and our Constitution:
For, the Stars and Stripes must wave
’Till the day of resurection, with a
Whack! row de dow.
The Stars and Stripes must wave forever,
Whack! row de dow:
For, our Flag we’re bound to save.

Down South, there’s General Beauregard,
With his rebel crew,
Who says he’ll make us, Northern folks,
Nip up dee doo den do;
We’ll have no more Bull-Run affairs,
Where the chivalry say we did knock under;
For, we’ve got a brave McClellan now,
Who will give them northern thunder.
Whack! row de dow.
How ARE you, General Bowgun?
Whack! row de dow.
Dat’s wat’s de matter.

Now there’s our gallant Sixty-ninth,
Who never flinch for trifles,
And our bully boys, the Fire-Zouaves,
With their little Minnie Rifles,
And first of all in duty’s call,
The Massach usetts boys so handy,
Who will show the southern chivalry,
No fool is Yankee Doodle Dandy.
Whack! row de dow.
No fool is Yankee Doodle Dandy.
Whack ! row de dow.
Yankee doodle doo.

In speaking of our Fire-Zouaves,
Reminds me of a fact:
They’ve proved they don’t things by halves.
Nor take the backward track.
At the Battle of Bull-Run,
They fought their way so bravely;
Oh! they did lay low to trap the foe;
How are ye, Black-Horse Cavalry?
Whack! row de dow.
The boys, they were on hand I tell you,
Whack! row de dow.
O syksey take de but.

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