When Abe Comes Marching Home Again


When Abe Comes Marching Home Again.

When “Abe” comes marching home again,

The people all will cry “Amen!”

The boys will cheer, the ladies shout
To see “Old Abra’m” going out,

Our good “Old Flag” will wave once more,

O’er every State—the thirty-four,

The Union will cemented be,
The land of those who will be free,

Put Fremont in the vacant seat,

For he will fill it so complete,

The Victor’s wreath is ready now
To place upon brave Freemont’s brow,

Now, boys remember “Election Day,”

Your freeman’s duty then display,

Then let each Freeman strive and toil
For “Fremont Freedom and Free Soil,”

Now “Mac” for “peace” has got to go,

For President he’s got no show,

He could’nt whip the “Rebel Crew”
He kept our Country in a stew,

Stand by your colors! every man,

(Fremont and Cochrane in the Van,)

For men they are both good and true,
If you stand by them, they’ll stand by you,

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