Address of the Carrier of the Microcosm


Address of the Carrier of the Microcosm.

Another year has sped away.
And brought to us a Christmas day,
With all the bustles and the noise
Of happy girls and lively boys.

’Twas Christmas day, hail glorious morn
The “Babe of Bethlehem” was born;
Let earth and heaven loudly ring,
That on his day was born our King.

Through rain and shine, and cold and heat,
Through Summer’s sun and Winter’s sleet,
Through thunder-storms and hail and snow,
The “Cosm’s” left snug at your door.

A Christmas gift! we hear all claim,
Why can’t your Carrier do the same?
Indeed he’ll think it very hard,
Unless from you he’s some reward.

Your drooping hearts and minds to cheer,
He’s toiled and worked throughout the year,
Deprived alike both day and night
Of sports in which all boys delight.

He’s told you how that “Queen Victory,”
With Prince Albert in his glory,
Old Francois just went roir,
Mid shouts of “vive la reine” “le roi.”

Indeed to you all news he’s told,
Bout mines of copper, silver, gold,
And deaths and weddings manifold,
And many things both new and old.

He asks some small return from you,
He only asks the devil’s due;
Then since you all such bliss enjoy
Pray don’t forget the printer’s boy.

And now the Carrier’s task is done,
He hopes once more beneath the sun
His patrons all again to meet,
Another Christmas day to greet.

And now God bless you! Friends! We part,
May joy be centered in each heart,
And may the powers divine now shed
Their choicest blessings on each head.

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