Ancient Rams No. 2 of Southwark


THOMAS M. SCROGGY, Publisher, CARD AND FANCY JOB PRINTER, No. 443 Vine Street, above Twelfth, Philad.

Ancient Rams No. 2. of Southwark.

We are the Ancient Rams,
Who never fear our foes,
At the corner of Second and Wharton we stand,
And run with the WECCA Hose.

Then arouse ye gallant Rams,
And by the Wecca stand,
And show unto our friends and foes,
That we’re a sporting band.

Our foes are called the scrougers,
A name we never fear,
For when they see us ancient boys,
They soon will disappear.

On the first of September,
Upon a Wednesday night,
They stood at Wharton and Rye streets,
To show the Rams fight.

They stood a single minute,
Then found it was no go,
They run away from us ancient boys,
With steps not very slow.

We fear no equal party,
To meet us on the ground,
For we’re the Ancient Rams,
No braver can be found.

Then come ye boys of pleasure,
Wherever you may be,
Come join the sporting Rams,
The boys of fun and glee.

Then Rams let’s be merry,
And drive dull care away,
Enjoy the present while it lasts,
With fun and pleasure gay.

Here’s death unto the scrougers,
And all who love the name,
That name will send them down below,
From where the scrougers came.

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