The Bed-Bugs' Song


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The Bed-Bugs’ Song.

Attend ye “Bugs” and “Corkers,” to a fact I will relate,
I’ll tell you how we passed the “Yellow Hickory” of late,
The streets were very muddy, and the fire it was Nor’ West,
We rolled the “Raven” out and each resolved to do his best.

We ran out Callowhill and saw the “Tow Boat” right ahead,
Her members they had pulled so hard that they were nearly dead,
Now “Bed-Bugs” keep her steady, our Director he did say,
Up Ridge Road went the “Raven” while the “Tow-Boat” led the way.

They were two squares ahead of us when first we came in sight,
We were resolved to beat them, so we pulled with all our might,
And as we came to Coates streets, her men were struck with fear,
And trembled when they saw the “Bugs” approaching quite too near.

“Come pull, my boys, they’re on you now,” a Snapper hoarsely cried,
And ere he could repeat the words they found us at their side.
The “Tow-Boat” on the pavement run, while we kept in the street,
We cared not where they run, for very soon we had them beat.

They turned into the street again, but little did we fear,
For every step that we did take, we left them in the rear,
They tried their best to catch us, but her men began to tire,
We found we left them full two squares when we had reached the fire.

The Snappers often boasted that the Tow-Boat was so fast,
But ah! in spite of all her speed they found her match at last,
They know we are too much for them since that unlucky day,
And now whenever we do meet they turn another way.

Success attend the Bed-Bugs, and the jolly Corkers too,
Likewise good health to all our friends, and they are not a few,
Should we again the Snappers meet, their self-conceit we’ll lower,
If we’re ahead we’ll leave them as we’ve often done before.

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