Belle of Baltimore



I’ve been through Carolina,
I’ve been to Tennessee,
I’ve trabelled Mississippi,
For Massa set me free.
I’ve kissed the Lovely Creole,
On Louisiana shore,
But I never found a gal to match
De blooming Belle of Baltimore.

My Belle is tall and slender,
And sings so very clear,
You’d think she was an owlingale,
If once her voice you’d hear.
I walked down to her cabin,
And I rapped agin de door;
I went to gib my dagatype,
To my sweet Belle of Baltimore.

I found her by de ribber,
My errand I did tell,
Says she, you gay deceiber,
Your tricks I know too well,
I seen you kiss another gal,
The werry night before—
Wid dat she turned upon her heel,
And off went Belle of Baltimore.

I wrote my lub a letter,
And scented it so sweet,
De musk, de clobes, de peppermint,
Stuck out about a feet.
But all my trouble was no use,
I neber seen her more—
For I squash’d de tender ‘fections, ob
My blooming Belle of Baltimore.

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