The Birds of a Feather


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The Birds Of A Feather.

Oh! life’s a days journey to you I would say,
It’s a pleasure to us find out the best way,
Through life’s rugged path we very well know,
We must have our ups and downs as we go.

We cannot expect every day in the year.
To prove unto u without trouble or care,
If it thunders or rains, oh, never despair,
If its stormy to day, oh, the next may be fair.

If you meet with a female who has gone astray,
Or by some heartless villain deluded away,
It’s pitty her weakness and soften her pain,
And persuade her ne’er to go the same way again.

If you meet with a stranger whose way he has lost,
And thro’ life’s rugged path as been troubled and cross’d,
Take him home to your cottage, and nourish his blood,
And cheer up his spirits with some thing that’s good.

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