Boys on the Frankford Road


A.W.AUNER’S CARD AND JOB PRINTING ROOMS, Tenth and Race Sts., Philadelphia, Pa.

Boys on the Frankford Road.

Kind friends if you will listen,
A story I’ll repeat,
You’ve heard tell of our colored friends,
Down herr on Lombard Street.
How they stand upon the corner
And at the wenches they will shout.
But I’ll tell you of our up-town boys,
What they do when they are out;
They’ll stand upon the corner
Of Frankford Road and York,
And with some of the young girls,
Oh, how loudly they will talk;
In one way or the other,
Or by some ingenious mode,
They’ll pick up one of the young girls,
That travels on Frankford Road.

And there’s Nobsie called Whitey, along with the rest of the gang,
They’ll squirt tobacco juice around and use such awful slang,
The pious people they are shocked whilst on the way to their abode.
And they turn up their noses in horror, at the boys on Frankford Road.

In their great political talking,
They say Hancock he will win,
The others will say go bag your head,
We’re going to put Garfield in.
And some will say, Oh, dry up,
I hardly think it’s fair.
But I, my friends, would like to see
The best man take the chair;
For there’s the doctor a talking,
With his funny gage, you know,
He’ll brace you for a nickel,
Then for a segar he go;
He’s acquainted with the darlings,
By all of them he’s knowed,
And he marked down with the solid ones
Of the boys on Frankford Road.

Now I’ll drink good health and pleasure to our boys one and all,
And hope the hand, poverty, on them will never fall.
Although the cops may chase them and from the corner they are throwed
But look out for the next edition of the boys on the Frankford Road.

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    Atkins, Ned.
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    19 cm x 11 cm
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