Buck Goats, No. 1


THOMAS M. SCROGGY, Publisher, No. 443 Vine Street, above Twelfth, Philad.

Buck Goats, No. 1.

As the Buff: was going up Walnut Street,
The Philly Engine they chanced to meet,
Says they my boys give us no talk,
For the Phil’a is the “cock of the walk.”

The Buffalo boys they dropped the rope,
And into the rovers they did poke;
Well upon my word ‘twas delightful fun,
To see those blowers how they run.

Then some got cut upon the face,
While others run at a h—— of a rate;
And soon on the police did call,
To save their Engine from a fall.

But the Buffalo boys kept on the ground,
When they met a rover they knocked him down—
The rovers got Keyser and his men,
To see their Engine home again.

The police came to see them home,
When the Buffalo boys they gave a groan;
And crowds of people around did stock,
And cheered the Buff: as “cock of the walk.”

They took her home you all may guess,
With sorrowful hearts they did confess,
That they got thickened up so sweet,
For the Buffalo done her work so neat.

They may remember when they got beat,
At the corner of Ashton and Walnut Street,
They thought to prove the Buff:’s downfall,
But a few of the boys whipped them all.

In Chestnut Street, near the Girard Hotel,
That morning I do remember well;
And so I will until I die,
To think how rovers had to fly.

A saucy crowd the Buffaloes are,
They’re found in Third Street, near and far;
In taking the rope, I tell you no lie,
They fairly make their carriage fly.

So rovers now take my advice,
Just stop in the house or you will catch it nice;
For if ever you come to Irish town,
The cockbirds there will take you down.

The Washy, Philly and Franklin Hose,
The Buff: can whip if they dare oppose;
For those three companies need not talk,
For the Buffalo is the “cock of the walk.”

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