Bull Dog an' de Baby


Composed, and sung nightly with thunders of Applanse, by Old Dan Emmit, at White’s Melodeon, 53 Bowery, N.Y.

Bull Dog An’ De Baby.

I’m gwine to sing de song what I fotch from Warginny,
Whar de white folks am fat, an’ de niggers as fat as any,
I fotch along de banjo to help me wid de fusiek,
Den lay baek, an’ stay back, an’ listen to de musick.

I wrote a letter to my lab, (to hab it go de safer,)
Could’nt trust de sealing-wax—I’d tink I’d try de water.,
I wet it in my mouth, den put it on de letter,
Den squash it wid my heel for to make it stick de better.

Jump up, Jinny, &c.

My lab, she dresses neat, an’ appears “high-6-lutin,”
Oh, dat am a fack, what dar am no disputin’;
She’s brack as a crow, an’ as fat as a grunter,
Wid de debble in her head, all accordin’ to gunter.

We went to de ball, an’dey took me for a joker,
In come de “M.P.” an’ hit me wid de poker,
I butt him in de head, den you orter hear him holler,
He seen de bigger “stars” dan dar was upon his collar.

We went to de museum, ‘twas ten o’clock or later,
De frog spoke de French to him brudder alligator;
Dey had a happy family—de woodchuck an’ de parrot,
To cotch all de green horn’s away up in de garret.

I wish I was a hoss, and harnessed to de wagon,
All loaded down wid apple-jack, so I could hardly drag ‘um;
I’d drink it all at once, jes to show de color’d gemmens,
Dat’s de way to do it, when you’re gwine to “go in lemmons.”

I went up town for to see de Crystal Pallus,
Dey would’nt let me in dar, bekaze I look’d so gallus;
I’m ‘pointed a commissioner from eb’ry colored nation,
An’ a “special backer sign” from de state ob “Galbinzation.”

I’de like to take de cars, for to hab a ride upon it,
Den, agin, I wish dat— suppose I had’nt done it:
I’de lay back my head, let de day be fair or lowry,
Jis like de melishy, when dey’re comin’ down de Bowery.

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