Camo Kimo


Camo Kimo.

Dar was a frog lived in a spring,

He had such a cold dat he could not sing,

I pulled him out and frowed him on de ground,

Old frog he bounced and run around,

Milk in the dairy nine days old,

Rats and skippers are getting bold,

A long tailed rat in a bucket of souce,

Just come down from the white folks’ house,

In South Carolina the niggers grow,

If de white man only plant his toe,

Water de ground with ‘bacca smoke,

And up de nigger’s head will poke,

Way down south—in Cedar street,

Dar’s where de niggers grow ten feet,

Dey go to bed but ‘taint no use,

Dar feet hang out for a chicken roost,

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  • Illustrated
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    Still Image
  • Extent
    21 cm x 14 cm
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