Carrier's Address to the Patrons of the Intelligence & Expositor


Carrier’s Address to the Patrons of the Intelligencer & Expositor.

Hail ! all hail ! the carrier-boy
Somes to bid the world much joy:
Time, whose step brooks no delay,
Brings another Christmas day.

Day of gladness, day of mirth,
Joy in Heaven, peace on earth,
Happy news, through every zone,
Were on Christmas day made known.

Good old customs should not cease:
Let us hail the day of peace,
When a teacher from above
Came to scatter light and love.

Let girls and boys in sports engage;
Let smiles light up the face of age;
Let life from dull-eyed stupor start;
Let kindness touch coldest heart.

If in the year, just floated by,
Some clouds have gather’d o’er our sky,
If pamper’d, petted. flatter’d power
Disturb’d the peace of Freedom’s bower;

If our brave Chief, so much ador’d,
Threaten’d the land with fire and sword,
Bade freemen fly their homes in haste,
And leave the land a desert waste;

The people rous’d themselves in scorn
And ask’d if they were vassals born;
The storm—it met a counter Gale
The hearts of freemen would not quail:

The State its sovereignty defends,
And thus the threaten’d fury ends;
The sky clears up, the thunders cease;
While through our borders all is peace.

Ah! shall I other ills rehearse;
Tell how the Hero seiz’d the purse,
Then stop’d his ears, and put restraint
Upon the people’s loud complaint?

No, I should but your patience tire:
The Whigs will blow the holy fire
That burnt, of yore, on Bunker’s hill,
Until its flame all bosoms fill.

And boys, like me. some ten years hence,
Will stand in liberty’s defence,
And still maintain the glorious cause
Of virtue, freedom and the laws.

Now, may the year that’s just in view
Bring much that’s good to me and you:
If me comes first, count it no crime;
‘Tis true to nature and to rhyme.

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