JOHN L. ZIEBER, Publisher, Phila.

Change a Song of the Present Times.

This world’s seen many changes, sirs, since it was first created,
But in this glorious country they are mostly celebrated,
Men, women, children, fashions, styles, have changed and altered greatly,
But oh! the most ridiculous changes, we’ve had very lately,

Our streets and alleys all are changed to names abominable;
So now-a-days to find a street a man is scarcely able,
If one who looks for Queen Street, now to Kensington is bent, sirs,
He’s soon obliged to turn about, to Southwark he is sent, sirs.

The streets and pavements once were swept with brooms, as all have seen, sirs
But now the silks and satin skirts of ladies keep them clean, sirs;
With Hoops that spread six feet around, like vessels they appear, sirs,
Segar stumps and tobacco quids, they’re dragging in their rear, sirs.

Once Congress used to be a place for National Legislation,
The members’ acts would now disgrace the most barbaric nation;
Their private quarrels are discussed upon the floor each day, sirs,
And for this waste of time and gas, poor Uncle Sam must pay, sirs.

Those ugly Sheds in Market Street, have stood for many years, sirs.
The merchants have determined that they all must disappear, sirs,
They have their aim accomplished, and they see they’ve acted green, sirs;
“This Store to Let”, throughout the street, in every square is seen, sirs,

Of changes I have sang enough to suit the present times, sirs,
So now I’ll stop for fear my friends, I might run out of rhyme, sirs,
The change that’s mostly needed by the saints as well as sinners,
Is Dollars, Dimes and nickels for to buy their Christmas Dinners.

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