Edgar Allan Poe


Edgar Allan Poe:

Poet and Prose-Writer;
He struck with mocking hand the Frailty that is Man,
While he left unprofaned
The Truth that is God.
He wooed Science to be an Ally of Fiction,
And, in the wooing, made her shine with a Light
Simpler than her own.
In his Poetry, he touched but few Notes.
Yet these, now the tenderest, now the saddest
That translate Human Passions
Into melodi cus words,
And so fix them forever.
In his Prose, Master of all the Feelings,
He wielded, with equal skill,
The Wand of Humor and the Brand of Terror,
At his will, thrilling men to Horror, or moving them
To Laughter.
In his Tales.
Whether they be Sombre, or wild unto Grotesqueness.
Religion can find no Offense, Virtue no Wrong,
Nor Innocence take alarm.
He passed a Life tragic enough to serve for Warning,
Stinging his generation into Wrath, and by it stung into Frenzy;
Yet, through his Genius, lifted victorious above Detraction,
He has happily made sure of

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