Franklin Hose Song


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Franklin Hose Song.

Ye Members of the Franklin Hose,
I pray you lend an ear,
To these few lines that I’ve penned down,
It will cause you to shed a tear.

It was on the 25th of December;
Upon a Christmas night,
When in a north-westerly direction,
Was there we saw a light.

It proved to be a bon-fire,
At Schuylkill Third and Collowhill,
Some say it was made, but I don’t know,
By the members of the Good Will.

Returning from that false alarm,
In quietness and peace,
We were attacked by thousands of bloodhounds,
Much more to their disgrace.

We met them with manly resistance,
Until we were forced away,
But I’d have you all to remember,
What happened on next day.

Early next morning,
We all resolved to stand,
Whilst vengeance beat in every breast,
From a boy up to a man.

The alarm of Fire being given,
Onward we did go,
Their house we broke, and their Engine took,
And beat their members also.

The warrants they were issued out,
And some of our members caught,
And taken before the quarter session
To answer for the fault.

Grames and McReynolds plead guilty,
And got nine months a-piece:
We then petitioned the governor,
To get their release,

We had the best of influence;
It was of no avail,
So our poor members was forced to pine away,
In Moyamensing Jail.

John Burns was convicted,
As very well you all know,
And three long years to prison,
He was forced to go.

Bad luck attend that man;
And silenced be his tongue,
Who swore we cheered for Britain,
And cursed our Washington!

If ever you set friends, with that company;
And along with them you run!
To hide their shame, they cloak the name!
Of immortal Washingtou.

Here’s a health to Benjamin Franklin,
And all who revere his name:
To the members of the Franklin Hose,
I do allude the same.

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