Freedom Around the Jug


Freedom Around The Jug. By Bucket.

Freedom around the jug boys, we ever should maintain,
So rally around the jug boys, and to you I’ll explain,
How that wicked, Savage, cruel and stupid human elf,
Muzzled all his other cows, because old Pide sucked herself.

We’ll not fear the bite of snake, or of any poisonous bug,
Whilst we retain our freedom boys, around the gurgling jug,
Then our freedom around the jug, boys, defend it as a task,
For when the jug is gone boys. they’ll muzzle the bottle, and flask,

Because of old Pride, naughty habits, and want of self control,
There’s no reason why the herd, boys, should be muzzled as a whole,
For if old Pied sucks herself, just sell her to a drover,
But don’t muzzle all the rest and rob them of their clover.

Because you are dyspeptie, and cannot substantials eat,
Don’t take away our beer, our whiskey, wine and meats.
So here’s to freedom’ round the jug, boys, to whiskey and “tobaker,”
And let those temperance fellows have their water and their cracker.

The doctrine is advanced, boys, and by Ingersoll is held,
That the grand old army of drunkards would not have been so swelled
If the rivers all with whiskey flowed, in pure and highest tide,
And mint and loaf-sugar, boys, had lined them on either side.

Yes, close around the jug, boys, partake of its good cheer;
Wist not of “bee in bonnet,” or of “Bug in your ear.”
Yes, close around the jug, boys, with shout, and whoop and yell,
The jug’ll always yield a drink, boys, when there’s no Bucket at the well.

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