Gay Conductor


Johnson, Song Publisher, 7 N, 10th St, Philadelphia,

Gay Conductor.

White folks, give me your attention, while I sing you a little song;
I hope its going to please you, though it isn’t very long,
It’s all about a Ladies’ man the handsomest by far;
For he was a gay conductor on the City-Railway-Car.

This young man was very vain, and put on many airs,
Paid attention to the Ladies when he gathered in his fares,
With his bewitching mustachio and pretty curly hair;
For he was a gay conductor on the City-Railroad-Car.

If by chance, he saw a Lady with pouting lip so sweet,
He stopped the car and took her in, and help’d her to a seat,
He put his arms around her waist, and too polite by far;
For he was a gay conductor on the City-Railroad-Car.

Angelina Prettsell, one day she took a ride,
This gallant conductor came and sat down by her side;
He made a sad impression, for she told her dear mamma,
That she smelt a rum conductor on the City-Railroad-Car.

Now this young was honest, for he never stole a dime,
But he lived upon the money that by mistake he use to find;
Now he sports a fancy watch and chain, and his friends both near
and far,
Are applying for a conductor-ship on the City-Railroad-Car.

See Prof. Brooks’ Ball Room Monitor, it will give you more Instruction in Dancing than any book ever Published. Sold by Johnson No. 7 North Tenth Street, Philadelphia.

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