Grecian Bend.


Auner, the Greatest Song Publisher in the city, S. W. cor. Eleventh and Market Sts., Philada.

Grecian Bend.

Music of this Song can be obtained of WM. A. POND & CO.,
Music Publishers, 547 Broadway, New York.
The ladies wanting something new,
As women are so prone to do,
Wear lofty heels upon the shoe
To give them a Grecian Bend.
With foot so short, and heel so high,
They can’t stand plumb if they would try.
And so they think to catch the eye
By means of a Grecian Bend.

‘Tis fun to see a lass so tall,
Lean forward till you’d think she’d fall,
Or pitch against a tree or wall
Because of her Grecian Bend.
E’en bashful girls are forward now,
So forward that the people vow,
They’ve been all day behind a plow
To give them a Grecian Bend.— CHORUS.

Fat women now will not be seen,
For all are bent upon the lean,
A novel way to walk the queen,
This beautiful Grecian Bend.
When girls go out upon the street,
Their heels arrive before their feet,
The figure cut is sure a treat,
But this is the Grecian Bend—

What next we’ll have we do not know,
For novelty is all the go;
And when designs begin to flow,
Where will the follies end?
Perhaps you’ll see them By the scores,
Down on their knees upon your floors,
To try to get upon all fours,
And cut the Grecian Bend.—

A. W. Auner, Card & Job Printer, S. W. cor. 11th & Market, Philada. Pa.

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