Green Monsters' Song


THOMAS M. SCROGGY, Publisher, No. 443 Vine Street, above Twelfth, Philadelphia.Where all new songs can be obtained, wholesale and retail.

Green Monsters’ Song.

Come all you Good Will heroes,
And listen to my song,
A verse or two I will sing to you,
It will not take me long.
It’s concerning your bright Engine,
I mean to let you know;
She is the pride of Philadelphia,
Whereever she does go.

The Fairmount say they are No. 1,
But I do not think it is so,
For the Good Will Engine is No. 1,
When to a fire she does go.
And when she gets in service,
It would dazzle all your eyes,
To see their gold and blue hats,
As they shine upon the blaze.

The Good Will is the Star of life,
And that you all do know;
She is admired by the ladies fair,
Whereever she does go.
She is the blossom of this town,
It can be plainly seen,
With her chandelier gallery
And side panels of green.

There is a saucy crowd of boys
That stand at Eleventh and Race,
And when the engine does come down,
They all jump to their place.
Green Monsters they do call themselves,
For that’s their motto name:
They can whip the gassy Butcher boys,
And make of them their game.

Now here’s a health to the Good Will
And all who love her name,
Likewise to the Green Monsters,
For I am one of the same.
And if the Pluckers want to fight.
They can let the Monsters know,
For we can tame those gassy Pluckers,
When to a fire we go.

It is now my song is ended,
I have no more to say,
And hope you will excuse me,
For my bad poetry.
For when we meet the Fairmount,
We will race them all around,
And we will whip those bloody butchers,
Or die upon the ground.

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