Greeting Song


The Words & Music, Original.

A merry, merry, band we come
O’er prairie, lake and river,
To join amid the festive scene,
And bid “God speed” forever.
No hearts so bright and free as ours;
We bring no shade of sorrow
To dim the brightness of to-day,
Or cloud Hope’s fair to-morrow.
Then merrily, merrily sing, la, la,
Oh! merrily, merrily ever,
The happy band we bring, la, la,
Misfortune ne’er can sever,

Our home is on the prairie wide,
Where dwelleth peace and Pleasure;
And yet, our purest joy we find
In searching Wisdom’s treasure,
Alike, we labor day by day,
In gathering information,
Well knowing that our efforts here,
In life, will win a station
Then merrily, merrily sing, la, la,
No strife our band shall sever
Our motto then shall be, la, la,
Look upward; onward ever.

It gives us pleasure thus to meet
So many smiling faces,
They tell of happy hearts, and homes
Where peace and joy have places;
Oh! ever thus may life glide on,
Unknown all blighting sorrow:
Each day still happier than the last,
And brighter still the morrow.
Then join our merry strain, la, la,
Sing merrily, merrily ever,
Pure notes of joy will we employ
But sorrow’s wail—oh, never.

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