High Daddy


High Daddy.

Then, wake up, boys! for, master's gone to bed;
I met High Daddy in the morning;
We'll have a spree, if we hav'n't a red;
I met High Daddy and I wont go home any more, any more.
any more.

I know'd a darkie, and his name It was Joe;
I know it was; for, he once told mo so;
He used to hoe and dig up all the land;
But now he says that WOKK IS CONTRABAND.

He drank skimm'd milk, from morn' till night;
Somebody said that it would make him white;
But let him drink until! he gets his fill,
He's always bound to be a darkie still!

His color will stick, but that's not a sin;
To wash It off, you're, compell'd to rub it in;
For, darkie will be darkie, as I've said before,
To the end of the world, and for TWO DAYS more!.

The black man is a very curious thing:
His Jay-bird heel can shuffle, cut. and wing;
But fill him up with gin. and lay him in the shade,
He’ll work very well, ESPECIALLY if HE’S MADE!..

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