A Holiday Greeting


A Holiday Greeting

In the golden years that shall surely come,
When the Heart of Earth is no longer numb;
When the Soul of Earth has learned to speak,
And men achieve the things they seek,
Then far and near and high and clear,
Shall ring The Word men once held dear,
It shall fall straight down from the skies above,--
“Ye shall toil alone for the Cause of Love!”

Two thousand years have since passed[?] by,
Since The Word came down thru the opening sky:
‘Tis two thousand years that Love has grieved,
To find how few are the things achieved.
But The Hour has come like a time-clock set,
When men shall find how their hearts forget;
For ‘tis out of hunger and sorrow and pain,
That the souls of men shall awake again.

The Hour has come! Once more, I say.
The Night shall flee and the Golden Day
Shall flood the earth like a rushing tide,
[For Love is full and Love is wide]
Gone shall be Hunger, Sorrow and Fear,
Men shall know that God lives Now and Here.
The Law that saves shines high above,--
“Ye shall toil alone for the Cause of Love.”

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