A Humble Appeal for the "Kneeling Slave"


A Humble Appeal For The “Kneeling Slave.”

SPURN not the suppliant slave,
Though abject now he lies—
Nor scorn the high behest of Heaven,
That urges him to rise.

Rise—not in fell revenge,
To break by force his chain—
But, through the power of light and love,
His brotherhood regain.

He kneels—will ye not see?
He pleads—will ye not hear?
His fettered hands are rais’d on high,
No human helper near.

The Saviour knelt and pray’d,
When none but God was nigh;
An angel strengthen’d him from Heaven,
In that deep agony.

As spirits, sent to aid
A brother in his woe,
Be, one and all, the ministers
Of God, for good below.

Like the rich generous vine,
We each supported live—
The stength we gain, in weal or woe,
Is from the embrace we give.

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