Hurrah for Abe Lincoln!


Hurrah For Abe Lincoln!

Hurrah! Hurrah! did you hear the news?
The Democrats have got the blues;
They’re puzzled now, and all afraid,
Because we’ve nominated ABE.

In all their ranks they can not find
A candidate to suit their mind;
They kick and squirm, but ’tis no use,
Their game is up, their platform’s loose.

They know that they will lose the day,
If they take up with Stephen A.
And so to add to their humbug swell,
I think they’d better take up Bell.

I hear they’ve bought an old steam tug,
On which to place poor little Doug;
For President too late they’ve found
His coat tail comes too near the ground.

We’ll give them HAM enough this fall,
To satisfy them one and all;
Served up in style quite neat and plain,
Just imported from Old Maine,

Hurrah! Hurrah! We are sure to win,
And the way we’ll beat will be a sin;
The coming year’s impending blast
Will show that they have crowed their last.

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