The Invalid Corps


J. H. Johnson, Printer, No. 7 North Tenth Street, Phila.

The Invalid Corps.

Oh, listen to me while I sing
About this, and that, and the other thing:
Now I will your attention call,
So listen to me one and all;
The soldier I will sing about—
I lost one eye when I was out—
My wife in love with a soldier fell,
The reason I’m sure I cannot tell;
She goes with a corporal every night,
She laughs and says it serves me right;
So I got drunk like many more,
Next morning I joined the Invalid Corps.

Now in the camp I felt so sick,
They told me to cheer up and be a brick,
So in the camp I got drunk again,
To my leg they put a ball and chain;
They put a card upon my back,
It said “Drunken Man; boys clear the track;”
They took ten dollars off my pay,
For getting drunk that very day,
I felt SO bad I thought I’d steal
Some bread and water for a meal,
The Guard he caught me, and he swore
I was the worst man in the Invalid Corps.

Next day my heart felt rather sad,
I really thought I would go mad,
My head it felt sO awful thick;
My knapsack it was full of brick;
I had to carry it everywhere,
It was so heavy it made me swear;
I had to travel up and down,
And nary a covy to be found;
And then at night I was still as a mouse,
The Sergeant put me in the guard house;
Says I “you’ve done this once before”
Says he “that’s the rule of the Invalid Corps.’

They gave me a pass the other day,
I did not mean to stay away;
I got so drunk I was almost blind,
I stayed a day or two over my time,
And to my horror, when I went back,
They said I should not have any hard tack;
They gave me fat pork which made me ill,
Then the doctor gave a Quinine pill;
In a tent they left me all alone,
I wished that they’d let me go home;
The Colonel got mad and at me swore,
So they drummed me out of the Invalid Corps.

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